Nueva tecnología de detección de enfermedades avícolas

Pathogens such as viruses and parasites continue to cause economic hardship for the poultry industry. Enteric or intestinal diseases such as runting-stunting syndrome, poult enteritis mortality syndrome, and poult enteritis complex are a major concern of poultry producers worldwide.

The same is true for coccidiosis, a devastating disease caused by intestinal parasites. Coccidiosis costs the poultry industry more than $600 million annually in the United States and $3 billion worldwide.

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are finding new ways to identify pathogens and are developing innovative methods to control them. In Georgia, they are using a new molecular technology to detect viruses in poultry. In Maryland, researchers are developing hyperimmune egg yolk antibodies to boost the immune system of young chicks against infectious diseases.

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